Meeting Calendar

Month Day Date Time Host Education
February Monday 2/1/2021 10:00am ZOOM Installation of Officers
March Monday TBD     John Kinner - Coaching Your Board
Mike Holtzman - Minimizing My Subsidy to F&B 
April Monday TBD 9:30am Arrival   Jackie Carpenter, CCM and Three Carpenter, CCM - Club Trends and 5 Phases of the Employee Lifecycle
May Monday TBD 9:30am Arrival   7 Mindful Living Habits of a Sustainable Club
August Monday TBD 9:30am Arrival   Joe Trauger - Governance, Legislative, Public Relations
Corey Saban & Brett Morris - Understanding Digital Marketing Trends and Enhancing Our Roles as Leaders (Roundtable to follow)
September Monday TBD 3:30pm Arrival   Jim James and Robert Bustillo - Augusta National Golf Club
October Monday TBD 10:30am Arrival   25th Annual Dorothea Buschmann Golf Tournament
November Monday TBD 4:30pm Arrival Indian Hills Country Club Annual Wine Dinner
January Monday TBD 3:30pm Arrival Indian Hills Country Club Installation of Officers
CMAA National Update