CMAA Mission Statement

The Club Management Association of America advances the profession of club management by fulfilling the educational and related needs of its members.

CMAA's Brand Promise 

CMAA provides its members with the expertise to deliver an exceptional club experience that fulfills the unexpressed needs and desires of its members and guests consistent with their lifestyles. We enhance our members' success by offering professional leadership development, ethical standards and responsive services.
This mission is accomplished through the following strategic priorities: 

  • Providing state-of-the-art educational programs; 

  • Representing the members to allied associations, club members and a broader public; and 

  • Providing unique information and resources that increase member performance and career potential.

CMAA Objectives:

1. CERTIFICATION - To enhance the member's professional status through certification.

2. CLUB MANAGEMENT PROFESSION AND INDIVIDUAL CLUBS - To advance the club management profession and to assist individual CMAA members and their clubs.

3. COMMUNICATIONS - To effectively communicate with members, clubs, government, the media and the general public and to develop and maintain publications and other materials.

4. EDUCATION - To provide a wide variety of educational programs and materials to meet diverse educational needs.

5. ETHICS - To encourage high ethical standards in dealings with fellow club managers, clubs and others.

6. EXECUTIVE CAREER SERVICES - To assist CMAA members in their career development and in job opportunities and to assist clubs in securing management personnel.

7. GOVERNMENT RELATIONS - To interpret and report on changing social, governmental and economic conditions affecting club management.

8. MEMBERSHIP AND INTERNAL ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT - To recruit and retain members and to manage the Association in a manner that will effectively represent the views of its members.

9. OTHER ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONS - To foster appropriate relations with other organizations that will contribute to the objectives of the club industry and CMAA's members.

10. PREMIER CLUB SERVICES - To provide innovative programs, products and services for the successful operation of clubs.

11. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT - To conduct research and develop, analyze and disseminate information/data related to club management and the club industry.

12. RISK MANAGEMENT  To be a resource and advocate for CMAA members by providing risk management tools and educating members about insurance solutions.

Club Managers know they can trust CMAA. Close to 7,000 members receive guidance from CMAA for operational assistance, clubhouse renovations, governance, job changes, certification or the latest technological advances - whatever the profession brings their way. Through change, through excellence, through it all, CMAA is serving its members.